Sports Facility Design

The Fort Wayne architects at Elevatus are well versed in the principles of sports facility design, having been commissioned for a number of such projects. Much of this work has been done in the field of education – for grade schools, high schools, and colleges. But we’ve also created or renovated sports facilities for various municipalities and private enterprises, for amateur, semi-professional, and professional athletes.

Our experience in sports facility design covers the creation, upgrading, or remodeling of ...

  • multi-sport gymnasiums,
  • sport-specific stadiums,
  • field houses,
  • natatoriums,
  • fitness and wellness-center exercise areas,
  • equestrian centers,
  • sports concessions,
  • locker rooms,
  • restrooms, and
  • equipment storage.

We’ve also helped make sports facilities more accessible to people with disabilities by incorporating ramps and other ADA-compliant features into our designs.

Our expertise covers more than design, too. We offer the sports facility stakeholders with whom we partner a comprehensive range of architectural services, including master planning, permitting, cost estimating, and full construction documentation.

Take a closer look at what we’ve done in the sports arena by checking out our Portfolio. Then contact Elevatus Architecture to see how we can put our skills to work on the sports facility you envision.