Secure Medical and Mental Healthcare Facility Design

Detention facilities and correctional facilities at all levels – federal, state, and local – are responsible for the health of their inmates. We can help them meet both obligations: the need to maintain a secure environment and the need to provide medical and mental healthcare. That’s because we’re Fort Wayne architects long experienced in designing for either. We’ve provided clients nationwide with design services for the building of detention or correctional facilities. And we’ve similarly shown our expertise in designing medical and mental healthcare facilities. Little wonder, then, that more and more justice clients are engaging us to integrate the two objectives. See our Portfolio for examples of how we’ve done it.

Having  treatment available for inmates where they’re incarcerated is seen by the corrections industry as an increasingly important option. It’s not so much a matter of providing for the convenience of inmates. It’s more a matter of providing for public safety and achieving both operational and cost efficiencies. To transport aging, ailing, or wounded inmates offsite and care for their health in independent facilities isn’t cheap – especially in today’s economy. Equally problematic is that transport always carries some risk of inmate escape.

When we incorporate medical and mental healthcare facilities into a secure environment, we keep one point firmly in mind: We’re designing a prison first, a healthcare facility second. But we make sure, working in close partnership with our clients and contractors, that both objectives are addressed equally well.

For more information on how we incorporate secure medical and mental healthcare facilities into detention and correctional facilities, contact Elevatus Architecture.