Retail Space Design

As Fort Wayne architects, we at Elevatus have contributed to a fair amount of Fort Wayne architecture for the retail market. That said, many of our retail clients are not only local but also regional, national, and even global enterprises. Take a look at our Portfolio for examples.

Our experience in retail facility design goes back decades prior to our 2015 rebranding. We’ve always anticipated the latest trends, though. That means providing our retail clients with designs that help them compete in the present and yet remain adaptable to an ever-evolving marketplace.

The design principles we bring to bear on our retail projects ...

  • maintain, enhance and, if requested, upgrade a client’s brand identity,
  • help clients stay competitive in an increasingly globalized market,
  • deliver the flexibility clients need to respond quickly and decisively to ever more demanding customers, ever more volatile market fluctuations, and ever more complex business pressures,
  • help retailers stay in compliance with new regulations, and
  • provide the necessary infrastructure to keep clients up to date with the latest technological advances, particularly in the IT realm.

Often we’re called upon to design a completely new facility for a retailer. But we also do a considerable amount of remodel or restoration projects. Major regional retailers have engaged us to transform their entire chain of stores, inside and out, to revitalize their brand and stay competitive.

In every instance we work with our retail clients as partners, offering our comprehensive range of architectural services to the fulfillment of their vision. To learn more about our experience in designing retail spaces and its applicability to your project, contact Elevatus Architecture.