Restaurant Architecture

We’re Fort Wayne architects who’ve had a hand in the design or renovation of more than a few restaurants in our long history, first as SchenkelShultz, now as Elevatus Architecture. In each case, we’ve taken the requirements and the vision of our clients and added our own inspired design innovations to fulfill them.

That calls for a lot more than simply creating the right ambiance – as crucial as that is. No, we also must consider many other aspects of a restaurant, whether we’re providing the prototype design for a new restaurant chain, the design transformation of an existing chain, or the unique design of a single eatery. We must, for example, take into account the restaurant’s...

  • brand personality,
  • lighting needs,
  • acoustical design,
  • storage and refrigeration needs,
  • ventilation – including the allowance for pleasing food aromas to pass from the kitchen to the dining areas,
  • traffic patterns throughout,
  • restrooms, and
  • waiting areas.

To address these and other concerns, we partner not only with restaurant owners but also with a variety of skilled contractors and artisans who themselves have restaurant expertise. We frequently serve as a design team leader. So we know how to gather and coordinate the activity of professionals in such disciplines as kitchen equipment specialty design, restaurant décor, uniform design, and so forth. The goal, again, is to deliver the owner’s vision and, by extension, a dining experience of considerable appeal to the desired clientele.

If you’re contemplating a new restaurant or a restaurant makeover here in Fort Wayne or anywhere in the country, contact Elevatus Architecture. We’re confident you’ll find our design services extremely appetizing!