Medical Office Building (MOB) Design

In our decades of experience designing for the healthcare industry – here in Fort Wayne and nationwide – we’ve had to accommodate a number of changes in the way healthcare services are delivered. Perhaps nowhere is that better illustrated than with the repurposing of medical office buildings (MOBs).

Until recently, most MOBs were multi-tenant facilities housing a variety of independent physicians or medical practice groups. Some MOBs still reflect that model. Nowadays, though, given the restructuring of the American healthcare system, it’s hospitals and large medical conglomerates that tend to employ and house physicians.

So, what happened to MOBs? More often now we design them to serve as multi-specialty instead of multi-tenant facilities. The idea is to house complementary outpatient physician practices that collaborate with each other closely, share support staff and services, and are joined by centralized common areas. This setup not only boosts the productivity and efficiency of the practices but also proves more convenient for patients. It helps create a warmer, friendlier atmosphere, too.

The new multi-specialty MOBs we design generally have ...

  • shared reception areas and waiting rooms,
  • fewer hallways,
  • standardized exam rooms arranged in groups that accommodate related specialties,
  • physician offices grouped by specialty,
  • centralized business offices, and
  • other shared spaces, such as restrooms, breakrooms, storage rooms, imaging centers, and labs.

To learn more about our medical office building design experience and how we can apply it to your needs, contact Elevatus Architecture. We’re Fort Wayne architects with a global perspective on healthcare facility design.