Healthcare Facility Design

People living in and around Fort Wayne have access to some of the finest healthcare facilities in the Midwest, if not, in fact, the country. We’re committed to serving their architectural needs. After all, the Fort Wayne architects at Elevatus Architecture have a long history of distinguished healthcare facility design. Where we’ve particularly excelled is in designing medical and mental health detention facilities for various government and justice clients. That’s a niche market, to be sure. But many of the same principles we apply there have application in general healthcare facility design, be it for hospitals, clinics, individual medical practices, medical office buildings (MOBs), or rehabilitation centers.

Our goal with every healthcare project is to address much more than the usual architectural concern for how physical environments affect those occupying them. We seek specifically to create environments that help ...

  • enhance operational efficiencies,
  • increase staff productivity,
  • improve staff and patient morale, and
  • bring about better patient outcomes.

To achieve this:

  • We partner with our healthcare clients to make sure we understand the requirements of their project as well as their unique vision for it.
  • We design to accommodate this vision.
  • We also design to reflect findings from the latest research into healthcare environment concerns. Sharing this research with our clients and showing them how we’re adapting it to their needs enables them to make informed decisions that can amplify their facility’s success.

For more information on our approach to healthcare facility design and its benefits to you and the Fort Wayne community, contact Elevatus Architecture. Be sure to check out our Portfolio, too.