Fort Wayne and Regional

We excel in creating environments that support the life of a community.

In short, we design for people – wherever they gather to live, to work, and to play. Our role, as we see it at Elevatus, is to provide architectural solutions that enhance community life by ...

  • respecting local character,
  • satisfying local needs, and
  • fostering local growth.

We’ve been doing just that for decades, too, not only in Fort Wayne but also in communities all across northeast Indiana, the surrounding region, and the nation. 

What these communities look for is our guidance in designing spaces that fulfill their unique visions. The range of such projects we undertake is wide. But we’re consistently called upon to provide traditional design services for all kinds of municipal facilities, education environments, retail spaces, churches, librariescorporate offices, healthcare facilities, restaurants, sports and performing arts/convention centers, non-profit organizations, and urban planning initiatives ... to name but a few. Whether it’s a design-bid-build, design-build, or design with CM project, we know how to deliver. Our Portfolio will give you a good idea of our range. Check it out. 

The projects we undertake may be of any shape and size. Whatever their parameters, you can count on our designs complying with all local codes and building regulations. We also know how to work with local officials to make sure all requirements are met.

For us, the focus is never on the project itself, for its sake, but on the people who will use it. We work with our local and regional clients as partners, collaborating closely to help them define their dreams, shape concepts, and visualize the end results. The designs we deliver always reflect their goals, not ours. What we bring to the table are decades of design expertise, a commitment to design excellence, an eye for innovation, and – above all – the will and the means to build positive relationships with those we serve.

Fort Wayne is our home. It’s been our home since 1958 and through all the years we were known as SchenkelShultz. We have strong ties here. We’ve helped enrich the life of this community. So, no matter how far afield our design projects take us, regardless of what it is that other communities may need from us, our first loyalties are here in the one community that has long sustained and nurtured us.

We’re still here for you, Fort Wayne. We’re still bringing the same high-quality design services we’ve brought to you in the past and that we bring to every community calling on us.

Contact Elevatus Architecture. Our focus is local, wherever local may be.