Corporate Office Architecture

We’ve designed corporate offices for clients across the United States as well as in northeast Indiana and our region of the Midwest. But it all starts here in Fort Wayne. As Fort Wayne architects, we at Elevatus Architecture, formerly SchenkelShultz Fort Wayne, have a history of designing corporate offices for the various enterprises that make their home in our hometown. The local landscape displays our efforts. Our Portfolio identifies them as such.

Of course, there are many here who know us and our accomplishments having worked with us over the years. We’ve partnered with all kinds of local business owners, government officials, and contractors as well as with regional and national corporate entities to bring these kinds of projects to fruition. Establishing and maintaining congenial business relationships locally is just good business:

  1. It ensures our continued participation in local corporate office projects, which we enjoy.
  2. It enables us to give something of value back to the hometown that’s sustained us for many decades. And
  3. It helps us control costs, not only for a project’s owners and stakeholders but for the economic benefit of the community as well.

Besides that, designing corporate offices demands a close partnership between architect and client if our designs are to reflect the distinctive nature of the owner’s business. We make sure from the outset of a project that we have a thorough understanding of the firm’s processes and protocols, its products and brand identity, its technology and systems needs, and its current as well as long-term business goals. Then we design spaces that take into account the way work flows through the organization in order to help it maintain operational efficiencies. That entails balancing individual office spaces with conference rooms and multi-purpose spaces, allowing as much customization and flexibility as desired. We also give top priority to providing for the safety and security of employees and visitors alike.

Then there’s the matter of aesthetics. Regardless of the design standards we apply to every project, it’s the owner’s vision we work to fulfill. We’ve designed corporate offices with architectural details that range in look from classical to modern – and occasionally reflect a marriage of styles. Yes, we’re known for design innovation. But that innovation is always in service to the client – wherever that client may be.

As we noted earlier, our base is Fort Wayne and that’s where our loyalties lie. But we’ve designed corporate offices for clients across the country. Contact Elevatus Architecture and see what we can do to help you create the corporate offices you envision.