Church Design

Officially, our Fort Wayne hometown is nicknamed The Summit City. But its most popular unofficial nickname is still The City of Churches. For good reason. At last count, there were 360 churches in our fair city. And a handful of them bear the hand of our architectural services – as the examples in our Portfolio attest.

Church design is a special niche activity that we at Elevatus Architecture have been privileged to undertake since the days when we were known as SchenkelShultz Architecture Fort Wayne.

Over the decades, we’ve helped believers of various faiths realize their visions for a place of worship that satisfies their spiritual needs.

We’ve designed new churches of all shapes and sizes. We’ve helped existing churches expand, renovate, and repurpose. We have, in fact, applied our design expertise to every kind of church space, creating aesthetically pleasing and pleasingly functional ...

  • main sanctuaries,
  • narthexes,
  • nurseries,
  • classrooms,
  • conference rooms,
  • church libraries and bookstores,
  • church offices,
  • commercial-style kitchens, and
  • fellowship halls.

In the process, we’ve worked with various administrative bodies and various levels of hierarchy within the churches that have engaged our services. Forming close partnerships with church officials better enables us to see that their goals – short term and future – are met. This often entails our providing a comprehensive master plan that outlines the programming, documentation, and range of design services we’ll apply to their project over the long haul. Whatever the project, whatever the need, we’re committed to fulfilling not our vision, but the unique vision of each church we serve.

That commitment can take us anywhere. After all, America’s rich religious heritage continues to find expression in the building or renovation of churches coast to coast, border to border. But we’re Fort Wayne architects first and foremost. Our loyalty is to our hometown, to northeast Indiana, and to the region surrounding us. How might we serve the architectural needs of your church? Contact Elevatus Architecture.