Architecture for Non-Profits

That “giving back to the community” has become something of a cliché doesn’t make it any less desirable a notion. We at Elevatus Architecture are always looking for ways to support the community that has supported us. That’s because we consider Fort Wayne integral to the success we’ve had for more than half a century. We’re proud to call ourselves Fort Wayne architects. And one of the ways we show our appreciation is to offer our architectural services to local non-profit organizations.

We understand that most non-profits – and we’ve worked with them everywhere, not just in Fort Wayne – have limited, often inconsistent funding. That does present challenges. But we know from experience that working in close partnership with them from the start of a project can engender significant cost efficiencies and help them make the most of their budgets.

When designing for a non-profit, we take into consideration ...

  • how the organization interacts or wishes to interact with its members and those it serves,
  • what kind of facility would best help the organization fulfill its mission,
  • the extent to which technology can help expand the organization’s reach and effectiveness, and
  • how our design will capture and enhance the emotions evoked by the organization and its mission, which is often a crucial factor in its continued relevance and success.

Please review our Portfolio. Then, if your non-profit has need of an architect who truly understands your mission, your challenges, and what can help make your vision a reality, contact Elevatus Architecture. We’re Fort Wayne architects happy to “give back” to our community – and help any community better serve its people.