Architecture and Urban Planning

Various communities in the United States have sought the urban planning services offered by the Fort Wayne architects of Elevatus. Our concern with these projects is to form close partnerships with all relevant local government entities – mayors’ offices, civil engineers, community developers, school-district representatives, and such – to help formulate a comprehensive master plan for the environments they envision.

In doing so, we steer our efforts toward achieving a number of goals. The first, of course, is to satisfy each client's. And that typically entails coming up with a plan that provides for one or more of the following:

  • the continued social, cultural, and economic growth of the community,
  • the promotion of green energy and other sustainable-living initiatives,
  • the preservation of threatened land or historic landmarks,
  • the development of affordable housing,
  • the improvement of local education,
  • the retention of existing businesses,
  • the attraction of new commerce and industry, and/or
  • the community’s beautification.

It’s really all about enhancing the quality of life that those in a particular locale have either come to expect or would love to have. That’s the kind of urban planning we offer – to our hometown of Fort Wayne and any community anywhere. And that’s the kind of urban planning we’re known to deliver. For more information, contact Elevatus Architecture.