United States Penitentiary Terre Haute


A maximum-security facility, this is the first federal prison to incorporate a four-story special housing/special confinement unit to hold disciplinary, death row, and administrative segregation inmates. The prison is located on the same property as the existing USP and is designed in a “compound plan” arrangement with related site development and site utilities.

The most notable features of this design-build project include ...

  • six general housing units with 1,200 beds,
  • a special confinement unit,
  • an outside administration building and inside administration offices,
  • seven guard towers,
  • an emergency operations center,
  • security and support functions,
  • a central utility plant,
  • a multi-use building that includes the UNICOR factory,
  • food and health services,
  • a recreation building, and
  • maintenance shops.

 *A project of SchenkelShultz Architecture Fort Wayne, now Elevatus Architecture