Trine University MTI Center

Book-ending the campus on the far west end, the new MTI Center at Trine University has been designed to recall the days when the fieldhouse was the basketball venue. With proportions and materials derived from historical examples, utilizing the existing material language of the campus, and an infusion of contemporary materials and applications, the new Arena provides the strong visual and functional anchor to the athletics side of the university campus.

The new arena will provide a new home to a number of Thunder Athletics programs. This new 75,000 sf athletics and event center boasts an impressive addition to the growing needs of the Trine University campus. With over 3,000 seats, the new arena will be the home court for Trine’s of men’s and women’s basketball teams. In addition to this, there are additional programs and uses within this building for general student use and special uses including a fitness center, a banquet room, multiple athletic offices and training rooms.

Due to its location at the former Witmer Clubhouse, the MTI Center also houses a new Golf Pro Shop and support spaces to support the Zollner Golf Course. The center also includes a six-lane bowling alley to accommodate new men’s and women’s bowling teams beginning in spring of 2018.

In addition to traditional sports and functions, the new MTI Center also houses one of the newest competitive programs in higher education – e-Gaming. Included in the design is a space for the newly launched Esports program to begin in the Fall of 2017. This state of the art space addresses a growing demand in collegiate interests in online competitive video gaming.

From the traditions of fieldhouse basketball to new “e-Gaming” arenas, the new MTI Center at Trine University represents a new era in sporting and entertainment opportunities for the students at Trine as well as local residents and visitors.