Ronald McDonald House Family Room at Parkview Hospital


The Fort Wayne architects at Elevatus [formerly SchenkelShultz Architecture Fort Wayne] designed the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Parkview Hospital, making it one of only 25 such havens in the world and the only one with four sleeping rooms.

Parkview’s Ronald McDonald room provides a peaceful environment for the comfort of parents whose critically ill children are being treated in the hospital’s pediatric care facilities. The space is quiet and has a residential feel. Besides providing relaxation, it also allows different families to connect and share their experiences. Parents of long-term patients can stay in one of the sleeping rooms while their child rests secure in the knowledge that his or her family is nearby.

Among the services this facility provides are:

  • 4 sleeping rooms,
  • 2 quiet rooms,
  • a living room,
  • a kitchen,
  • a den,
  • a technology and video library, and
  • an administrative office.