Porter County Jail


The design team at Elevatus architecture developed an original and staff-efficient design concept for this jail.  Equipped with the latest technology in video/audio visitation, it contains ...

  • a communications center,
  • an investigation department,
  • food service,
  • a firing range,
  • a booking area,
  • an infirmary wing and a medical department, and
  • a separate sheriff’s department.

To accommodate the owner’s request for a clear separation between the sheriff’s administration activities and visitation activities, a lobby for each function was located on opposite sides of the main entry. Prominent signage at the entry provides easy navigation to both destinations. The secure housing is laid out in a baseball-diamond configuration, affording excellent lines of sight throughout the two housing units and the control rooms, including central control and intake.

*A project of SchenkelShultz Architecture Fort Wayne, now Elevatus Architecture