Jay County Jail

The existing Jay County Jail / Security Center, originally constructed in 1984, was in need of renovations and additions to relieve overcrowding. A new 38,540 sf addition completed in 2010 brought an innovative design for the project and transforms existing spaces into new programs with clear lines of sights for enhanced security. The project includes:
  • A new 100-bed housing pod with 2-person, 4-person and dormitory style units with enhanced security and video visitation capabilities
  • Flexible design that allows for a future 144-bed housing pod
  • Renovation of the existing security center to integrate space for 911 Dispatch and Emergency Management, training and support spaces, road patrol and video visitation
  • Remodeling of existing cells to allow for isolation areas and to house female inmates
  • Expansion of the sheriff’s offices and work release
  • Support spaces including: laundry, kitchen, recreation and storage spaces
  • Booking and a vehicle sallyport