Clay County Jail


This state-of-the-art facility incorporates the newest technology and latest trends in Justice design. Located across from the historic limestone-clad courthouse, the jail’s embellished precast concrete façade nicely complements the courthouse’s neoclassical architecture.

In coordination with the owner and the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC), this is one of the first jails in Indiana to locate inmate showers within the cells instead of in the day rooms. The design also embraces the IDOC’s philosophy of housing medium-security-classification inmates in four-man cells rather than two-man cells for improved economy. Examples of cutting-edge features in the design include ...

  • video visitation and video arraignment,
  • a vacuum pneumatic waste plumbing system for the cells,
  • a second-level control room with a full view into eight day rooms, and
  • 20 beds designated to the work release program

 *A project of SchenkelShultz Architecture Fort Wayne, now Elevatus Architecture