Elevatus Architecture Covered by Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Fort Wayne, IN – The story behind the rebranding of SchenkelShultz Architecture Fort Wayne as Elevatus Architecture is revealed in an article posted on the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly website, fwbusiness.com.

FWBW columnist Linda Lipp, the article’s author, reveals that the rebranding was necessitated by the separation of SchenkelShultz Architecture’s Fort Wayne and Florida operations. The Fort Wayne group, which was founded in 1958, will remain in the city of its founding as Elevatus Architecture. At the helm of this firm are partners/co-owners Michael S. Gouloff, AIA, and Cory Miller, AIA. They and others on the staff have been with SchenkelShultz for many years.

While Elevatus Architecture is ideally structured to continue its award-winning work in regional, national, and global markets, it’s believed that its new, smaller size will give it the flexibility to provide more timely, cost-effective architectural solutions for local Fort Wayne clients. Being smaller also will help the firm establish closer, more personal local relationships.