Elevatus achieves SBA designation

We celebrate Year Two with reminders of who we were, but are sure not to lose sight of where we are going.

As with any new adventure, the bumps are plentiful. However, it’s after this second year of business as Elevatus (pronounced El-eh-vah-tus) Architecture that we continue to stand strong as a midwest architecture firm, truly doing what we love most; helping our clients realize visions while being responsible stewards towards Design Excellence. We’ve learned that in order to serve our clients well, we need to focus on what we do best - providing outstanding customer service by listening to the desired needs of our clients and then responding with flexible but time-tested and best practice solutions.

Our staff continues to grow cultivating active, fresh and fearless thoughts all while maturing with references from past experiences. We welcomed a former intern into a full-time position and celebrated some milestone anniversaries too. One in particular is Mr. Kim Bowman, Specifications Writer, who has been beside Mike for almost 25 years now.

As the opportunity presented itself, we focused a lot of attention and effort into achieving Small Business (SBA) designation. Our hope is that with previous knowledge in specific core markets, like education and justice, that we are able to dive deeper into some of the trusted partnerships once formed. We welcome feedback on your experiences with us and how we can make your projects even better. Change is one thing we are not afraid of.

Our community efforts and abilities have grown even stronger, and we realize it’s the support of those partners that have assisted us in getting here. We will do everything in our power to continue making the return impact greater.

We strive to make strong our commitment to you of unwavering and dedicated service. We are more determined than ever with youthful energy, to bring you a design process that elevates the possibilities, the safety and the overall experience.

                              Education        Justice        Aviation        Government       Community Spaces

We continue to share our excitement and invite you to visit our website ElevatusArchitecture.com. Even better, to see what we can yet do for you, please reach out to us directly. Our commitment to you remains at the very core of our service.

Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement. Let’s Elevate Together.
Michael S. Gouloff, AIA                                                                 Cory D. Miller, AIA
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