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Jul 16

Elevatus Employee Becomes Licensed Architect

Elevatus Architecture's Author Photo
Elevatus Architecture

Elevatus Architecture is proud to announce that Emily Hower, AIA, LEED Green Associate, is now a Licensed Architect through completion of the registration requirements in the State of Indiana. Emily Hower, AIA, LEED Green Associate has worked for Elevatus Architecture since May 2018. Her project involvement has included justice, regional,…

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Jul 14

The Importance of Material Specifications in Achieving the Architects’ and Designers’ Vision

Kim Bowman's Author Photo
Kim Bowman

Important factors during the design of a building and its spaces are to use quality, durable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly materials. This involves exterior and interior exposed building materials. There are many low-maintenance and durable material manufacturers that are also environmentally friendly. Some interior examples are linoleum,…

an image of construction and architecture personnel at an active construction site
Jul 07

Building with the Times

Tony Vie's Author Photo
Tony Vie

I’ve been practicing architecture since 2001 and cannot remember a more volatile time in the construction industry.  Due to a handful of unusual circumstances, material shortages have turned the construction industry on its head.  Production lags resulting from a COVID-19 hangover, major retailers ordering all the steel joist they can…

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Jun 29

Pursuing a Career in Architecture and Design

Emily Hower's Author Photo
Emily Hower

Some may be asking themselves, “what does an architect do, anyway?” Merriam-Webster defines an architect as “a person who designs buildings and advises their construction.” That is putting it simply. When I look around the office, I see architects doing tasks I would never have realized was in their preview…

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Jun 22

Elements in Creating a Design Scheme

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Mandy Campbell

When designing a building, many pieces must come together for a project to come to life; Everything from choosing a variety of building materials to the final placement of furniture before a client moves into their space. One of the most important elements of this process is choosing an overall…

Jun 18

Catablu Grille

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Elevatus Architecture

With limited indoor-seating available during the COVID-19 pandemic, Catablu Grille in Fort Wayne, Indiana wanted to transform and expand the restaurant’s seating capabilities. Elevatus was granted the opportunity to design a three-season dining space for customers to experience. The main features of the design are the bi-folding full-height glass doors…

Jun 01

Tom Kelley Cadillac, Buick GMC, Body Shop & Detailing

Elevatus Architecture's Author Photo
Elevatus Architecture

Elevatus Architecture assisted in the design and development of Kelley Automotive Group’s newest auto mall in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The premises are along Interstate 69 and just west of a large-scale hardware retailer. Elevatus worked with Kelley Automotive on the northern half of the auto shops consisting of Tom Kelley…