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Jan 05

Franklin County Detention Center

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Elevatus Architecture

Elevatus Architecture worked with lead architect FGM Architects on a commissioned project in the County of Franklin, Missouri to work with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Elevatus Architecture served as the Detention Expert/architect and assisted in the needs of the addition and renovation of this center’s floor plan. This project…

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Jan 04

Civic Center Parking Garage

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Elevatus Architecture

To accommodate downtown Fort Wayne’s growing landscape, Elevatus worked with the City of Fort Wayne’s Redevelopment Commission to expand a parking structure located near large event venues and hotels. The project moved forward following a feasibility study completed by Walker and Associates to understand the garage’s expansion capabilities.  Walker and…

architect drawing on paper
Dec 29

Architecture and Design Trends for 2021

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Elevatus Architecture

Here are a few of our teammates’ responses to trends in to the New Year: With a strong design shift on the horizon for 2021, spaces will see the effects of how people gather in communal spaces, what surfaces you encounter, and the ways materials can be cleaned. Mid-century modern…

Dec 28

Words of Affirmation, Hope, and Perseverance

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Elevatus Architecture

2020. Four numbers that we all thought would only be filled with achieved goals and joyous moments. Like many, we kicked off a year where we thought everything would go just as we planned. Great clients, the right direction, impeccable service. While those items remained, understandably, we adjusted to life…

Dec 22

A Christmas Message from Mike Gouloff

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Mike Gouloff

The Holiday season is a very special time of year for us. It is a time when we reflect on our values, who we love the most, and who we miss the most. Best of all, it is a time of giving. This year has certainly challenged us all in…

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Dec 16

Connecting Dow Recreation and Wellness Center

Nicholas Bloom's Author Photo
Nicholas Bloom

When Elevatus received word that we would be working with Albion College to create an addition to their existing Dow Recreation and Wellness Center, we were intrigued and excited. As an aspiring architect, I believe that design is impactful and inspirational, especially in higher education. It was essential for this…

photo of outside building with grass
Dec 14

Goose Creek Naval Brig

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Elevatus Architecture

The Elevatus team, in conjunction with Design-Build partner Hunt Construction, designed and constructed an addition to the NAVFAC Southeast Consolidated Brig at the Naval Weapon Station in Goose Creek, South Carolina. The 29,395 SF facility includes matching the character of existing housing units with additional beds, a multipurpose room, an…