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Oct 22

Conquering Proposal Writing and Development

Stephanie Kelly's Author Photo
Stephanie Kelly

Ah, proposals… they are quite the endeavor. An endeavor that can spark creativity while also sparking hair-on-fire moments. It’s indeed a love-hate relationship; at least that’s been my experience. Proposals are an attempt at an intricate balance between sharing your firm’s message, experience, and passion while relaying requested and sometimes…

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Sep 24

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center

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Elevatus Architecture

Understanding the need for a new jail facility is no small undertaking. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Fulton County Commissioners recognized that the facility built in 1985 was quickly deteriorating. It was not meeting the necessary codes to meet current ACA and Indiana jail standards, nor was it properly…

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Aug 23

Sycamore Hills Golf Club

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Elevatus Architecture

As a Jack Nicklaus Signature Course opened in 1989, the grounds at Sycamore Hills Golf Club were and continue to be some of the area’s most revered. However, while the clubhouse amenities for the members and guests were functional, they fell short of the expectation level established by the course….

Aug 19

Why Architects?

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Sam Schaust

“If we built every building the same, then we wouldn’t need architects.” Believe it or not, I have had that expression said to me more than once in my eight years of going to school for and practicing architecture. Each time it is phrased a little differently, but ultimately the…

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Jul 26

Recreation and Wellness in Higher Ed Design

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Nicholas Bloom

Staying active plays many important roles in communities. Architects and designers can play a crucial role in promoting such behavior. I believe that wellness center design requires three critical components: focus on building performance inviting spatial qualities specialized amenities. Building performance can make or break a wellness center. One key…