Special Needs Prisons

The need to house and treat inmates with special needs is a growing concern here in the U.S.

With most states getting out of the business of treating the mentally ill at psychiatric hospitals, the burden is now falling largely upon county and state correctional facilities.
In addition, the bright spotlight on sex offenders has resulted in special facilities to house sexually violent predators.
The architects at Elevatus are experienced at designing the types of facilities that address these and other special needs. We look at design principals that cover the complete spectrum of minimum- to maximum-security facilities, specifically going after …
  • designs that incorporate more program spaces to facilitate the application of restorative principles,
  • designs that minimize inmate movement by locating program spaces within the housing unit of maximum security facilities,
  • designs that encourage inmate movement within the secure perimeter at minimum security facilities, and
  • designs that admit abundant natural light and give access to green space.
Elevatus Architecture has teamed with both private operators and state departments of correction on these type projects.
Examples of the special needs prisons we’ve designed may be found in our Justice Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to build the correctional facility you envision, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.