As Indiana architects, we at Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne have designed significant prison complexes for the Indiana Department of Correction. This includes everything from minimum- to maximum-security male and female facilities, both renovations and new construction. We’ve also performed studies to arrive at optimal and cost-effective solutions that accommodate ever increasing incarceration rates and sentence lengths.

Beyond that, our experience includes federal prisons – low-security prisons as well as a maximum-security penitentiary
We’ve acted as the project architect with private operators also, having had much success in partnering with the right architectural and engineering design firms to deliver outstanding solutions to owners. Our partners have included statisticians, needs assessment professionals, master planners, security designers, acousticians, food and laundry service designers, and other such people.
The key to success is surrounding yourself with the best in the industry, and then leading the team well. That’s something at which we are very adept and proven.
Examples of state and federal prisons we’ve designed may be found in our Justice Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us on your prison project, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.