Police Stations/Headquarters

Many existing police stations have been in operation well past their useful life. They become overcrowded, seriously lack the infrastructure required to support today’s technology, and generally just “make do.” This often renders operations inefficient, officer morale less than ideal, occupancy conditions unsafe, and public perception decidedly negative.
The Elevatus team has assisted several municipalities in creating state-of-the-art police facilities. A well-designed facility enables both officers and staff to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.
The key issues we consider are 
  • balancing security concerns with public accessibility,
  • the role of emerging technology and community policing in changing the programmatic needs of a facility,
  • location,
  • vertical and horizontal adjacencies,
  • future departmental growth,
  • police image,
  • community policing perspective,
  • police morale, and
  • possible shared uses, which might be for a …
  •  fire department,
  •   shooting range for other agencies,
  •   community room, or
  •   communications.

Examples of police stations we’ve designed may be found in our Justice Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to build the police station you envision, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.