Medical Detention Facilities

Two main drivers of the relatively new advanced medical care initiative in prisons and jail settings are the aging of inmate populations and the cost of providing a legislatively mandated community healthcare standard.
The growing concern for public safety also must be addressed. Healthcare beyond basic services used to be available only through public healthcare facilities. Transporting all classifications of inmates to these facilities posed an ever increasing risk to the general population and added to the already significant cost of inmate healthcare, especially in our home state.
The design challenge is to combine provisions for the medical and healthcare services of a regional hospital with provisions for the security requirements of a maximum security facility. What’s needed is balance – and it’s a delicate one. The more the facility feels like a prison, the more difficult it is to attract quality healthcare staff.
Our design team has succeeded in striking the balance required. We’ve been able, in project after project, to emphasize the positive aspects of a modern healthcare facility while maintaining – in a subtle way – all the security measures necessary to provide such services in a maximum security setting.
A more normalized environment can be achieved by way of color, carpeting, lighting, and the allowance of unencumbered movement within each department. All of these things help create a work environment that healthcare professionals find appealing.
To see examples of our design work for medical detention facilities, review our Justice Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to achieve your facility goals, explore our website or contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.