We excel in creating secure environments that stand the test of time.

For decades, the architects at Elevatus have distinguished themselves as being among the top justice designers in the United States. Our projects range across the entire spectrum of the criminal justice process – which means we design everything from courthouses and jails for state and county clients, to state and federal prisons. In particular, we are sensitive to the ever-changing needs of the corrections industry and consistently provide architectural solutions that address its most pressing concerns.

When it comes to serving justice clients, Elevatus ...

  • fully understands this sector’s unique design requirements as they pertain to local, state, and federal projects, thanks to our experience with over 200 justice facilities encompassing more than 25,000 beds nationwide,
  • has specialized expertise in designing correctional facilities from county jails to state and federal prisons,
  • knows from long experience how to design medical/mental health detention facilities, including clinics and infirmaries, special-needs bed spaces or cells, maximum-security prison hospitals, and other such environments,
  • skillfully applies both traditional and innovative design principles to help clients reduce staffing requirements without compromising the safety of inmates or staff,
  • is intimately familiar with local remonstrance processes and adept at assisting communities in working through them successfully,
  • has considerable experience with master planning for local and state justice facilities,
  • is practiced in the art and science of using design principles to minimize lifecycle costs and maximize return on investment, and
  • is exceptionally proficient at putting together winning teams of professionals who’ve excelled in the justice arena and become its major players – professionals such as consultants, general contractors, cell constructors, security experts, and master planners with whom we’ve established solid relationships.

In every instance, our “people first” approach applies – just as it did when when we operated under our former name of SchenkelShultz Architecture Fort Wayne. Today, still, we look upon our justice clients as partners, which means we collaborate with them closely to ensure that their individual needs are met and their respective singular visions are satisfied. If you’d like to see what we’ve helped our justice partners accomplish, please review our Portfolio.

And if you’d to see what we can help you accomplish with your justice project, contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne. Though our clients are global, we remain committed to and active within our community, northeast Indiana, and the surrounding region.