Our extensive experience in the design of county jails is represented by facilities across the eastern half of the United States. These facilities range from large campus layouts to jails requiring small additions or renovations.
Historically, jails have been designed as short-term repositories for inmates awaiting adjudication by the courts, after which they’re either released to the street or transferred to state or federal prisons.
Due to changes in state legislation, jails are becoming longer-term holding facilities. Longer stays and evolving public opinion favoring more rehabilitation to reduce recidivism are influencing architects to produce more program-oriented designs.

A few keys to good jail design are …

  • Housing configurations that give staff the flexibility to place an inmate in the proper unit during classification,
  • Clear lines of sight for officers and staff,
  • A layout that allows for future expansion of all components within the jail,
  • Multiple spaces with the flexibility to accommodate ever-changing inmate programs,
  • Smart use of security technology to enhance the safety and security of both staff and inmates,
  • Getting the best products available for the owner at the best price without sacrificing competition, and
  • Providing video visitation spaces that are flexible, properly located, and adaptable to accommodate potential changes in mandated face-to-face visits.

Examples of our jail design work may be found in our County Jail Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.