Emergency Operations and 911 Dispatch Centers

When a catastrophic event occurs in a local community, a safe and secure Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is essential for effectively managing response and mitigation efforts. The importance of EOCs has been gre
We have an impressive portfolio of EOCs across the eastern half of the United States. Some of them we’ve designed as free-standing units. Others we’ve incorporated into a jail facility or public safety building. What’s more, some are dedicated solely to managing emergency operations, while others – especially those where budgets are tight and space is at a premium – become multipurpose spaces that can function also as conference rooms, training rooms, or classrooms.
Beyond that, the architects at Elevatus have also designed numerous 911 Dispatch Centers, with anywhere from 4 to 26 stations each.
Some of the keys to success for both types of facilities are …
  • backup/redundancy systems, which are required to maintain operations and communications,
  • site security and building security to control access
  • building construction and location to withstand both high winds and flooding,
  • considerations for housing and food for multi-day operations, and          
  • technology infrastructure for current and future systems.


Examples of our EOC and 911 Dispatch Center design work may be found in our Justice Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to achieve your goals, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.