Exhibition Hall Design

Government officials, local civic leaders, businesses, and contractors have engaged the Fort Wayne architects at Elevatus to design exhibition halls for convention centers in Fort Wayne and in other communities. We’ve partnered with them in every instance to deliver the venue that fits their vision.

Typical considerations informing our exhibition hall design include ...

  • community master planning objectives,
  • exhibitor display capacity,
  • visitor capacity,
  • foot traffic patterns,
  • acoustics,
  • lighting,
  • restroom facilities,
  • concessions,
  • lounge areas,
  • ADA compliance needs,
  • landscaping, and
  • parking.

While there are design considerations common to every exhibition hall, we’re also sensitive to adapting our designs to the specific events each hall will house. Most exhibition halls accommodate multiple events, often at the same time. Form, regardless of the innovation we bring to it, must always follow function. That’s true for us whether we’re designing a new sports complex or renovating an older one.

Examples of the exhibition halls we’ve designed may be found in our Government Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us on your exhibition hall project, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.