Downtown Planning Design Services

Downtown planning, like urban planning, is very much of a piece with the project master planning services we make available to all clients and are frequently called upon to provide. With downtown planning, though, the goal typically entails more than just looking to the future. Revitalizing a community’s central business district to bolster the success of existing businesses tends to be the first order of business – to make sure there is a future. We have a good deal of experience helping with such initiatives. We’ve gained it not only in Fort Wayne – us being Fort Wayne architects, after all – but in other communities as well.

Among the factors we commonly consider in downtown planning are ...

  • the extent of renovation needed to upgrade existing business buildings and facades,
  • what older structures might best be demolished to allow for downtown expansion,
  • the type of people the city wishes to attract to the downtown area and what new businesses, housing, restaurants, entertainment, theaters, sports facilities, and other venues might attract them,
  • the desired visual attributes of the city’s skyline, streets, and concourses,
  • the effect of new construction on traffic flow and downtown entrance and egress points,
  • how pedestrian and bicycle traffic can best be accommodated,
  • the availability of parking, and
  • how green areas and other natural beautification might be incorporated into the overall design of the downtown area.

Many other factors must be addressed, of course. But regardless of the specifics, we always work closely with local government officials and contractors to ensure that the community’s vision for its downtown area – now and in the future – is met.

To learn more about partnering with us to benefit from our downtown planning services, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.