Convention/Event Center Design

The Fort Wayne architects of Elevatus have worked with government officials and various private entities here and in other communities to design some of the most innovative convention and event centers in the country. These include both exhibition halls, with their attendant spaces, and sports complexes.

Among the considerations that typically inform our designs for these types of projects
are ...

  • the master planning objectives of the community,
  • local building codes,
  • how big a facility is needed to accommodate the anticipated number of visitors,
  • how traffic is to flow throughout the facility,
  • the number, location, and type of restrooms,
  • the number and configuration of seats, as applicable,
  • the number, placement, and outfitting of concessions, as applicable,
  • technology requirements as they relate to security and safety, information display, and entertainment,
  • parking, zoning, and other matters related to access, and
  • what ADA-compliant features are needed to ensure everyone’s access to the venue as well as their safety within and around it.

Examples of our design work for convention/event centers – exhibition halls and sports complexes alike – may be found in our Government Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to build the center you envision, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.