Architectural Design for Airports

Our airport design work can take flights of fancy. It’s even been cleared to soar! But it’s always rooted in pragmatism. After all, airports have to move a lot of people through them. And they have to provide for the safety of everyone, travelers, airline crews, administrators, and support staff alike. That means every airport’s design, construction, maintenance, and operations must comply with directives from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Airport Safety and Standards. Beyond that, each airport presents its own unique challenges relative to funding, for example, as well as zoning, accessibility, and other, more esoteric but no less important concerns of the surrounding communities. As Fort Wayne architects whose design work graces the Fort Wayne International Airport and the award-winning Col. H. Weir Cook Terminal in Indianapolis, we understand these concerns and have successfully addressed them.

Among the specific airport spaces we’ve designed are ...

  • facilities for fixed-base operators (FBOs),
  • terminals, and
  • general aviation facilities.

We’ve also been involved in hangar design.

As is often the case, our airport design work has paired us with other architectural firms and contractors experienced in this market sector. We’ve also served as the Architect of Record in multi-firm joint ventures.

Examples of our design work for airports may be found in our Government Portfolio. To learn more about the benefits of partnering with us on your airport project, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.