Airport Terminal Design

A good airport authority is always looking to better the experience of its customers by improving operational efficiencies and the overall working environment of its terminal. Elevatus Architecture can help. Our team offers …

  • inspired yet always practical architectural solutions based on decades of aviation industry design experience,
  • an in-depth understanding of the business model airport authorities follow, and
  • valuable consultation as a result of partnering with each client to become thoroughly familiar with its airport’s operations.


It is, in fact, our experience, our level of engagement, and our thorough knowledge of the entire airport functional structure – from board governance to security – as well as the operational coordination that must occur with the FAA that set us apart from other architects. Understanding airport authorities and the specific goal at hand gives us the baseline necessary to create a customized design approach for each client. And we work always to exceed each client’s expectations.


Given our long experience, we’ve garnered quite a range of expert partners who complement our skills in the arena of airport terminal design and planning. Our partnering capabilities, which allow us to serve as a strategic consultant, project lead, or owners’ representative, are applied wholeheartedly to the success of each project.


You’ll find examples of our airport terminal experience in our Government Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to achieve the airport design you envision, contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.