Technical School Design

As Fort Wayne architects, we’ve partnered with local educators and contractors to design various technical school and career center facilities serving our area. We’ve done the same for other communities, too.

Typically, our work in this field has been to provide architectural design and documentation services for ...

  • new, specialized high-tech school buildings, each intended for instruction in either multiple disciplines or a single technical trade – paralegal work, for instance, or nursing, medical and physical therapy, electrical work, plumbing, woodworking, welding, mechanical engineering, culinary arts, media arts such as music recording and production, and so forth,
  • technical school buildings, classrooms, or other spaces within an existing high school or college campus,
  • stand-alone technical school buildings or career centers that can be used as centralized resources for multiple local high schools, community colleges, universities, or the public at large, and
  • the stabilization, restoration, and/or modernization (SRM) of existing facilities, which may include adapting standard school facilities for technical school use.

In most cases, we end up coordinating our efforts with local professional organizations and practitioners. This helps ensure that our designs reflect the standards and needs of their respective disciplines. Their intent, after all, is to educate students so they earn not only a diploma but also the appropriate certification or accreditation required to participate professionally in a given trade.

Examples of our design work for technical schools may be found in our Education Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to achieve your technical school facility goals, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.