SRM for K – 12 Schools

While a great deal of our education architecture is for new K through 12 schools – both traditional and 21st century – we find ourselves also being commissioned to do a significant amount of school Stabilization, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM). This typically means designing for the provision of ...

  • new heating and cooling systems,
  • ADA compliance modifications to spaces, structures, or components,
  • new doors, windows, or entryway systems,
  • new roofing,
  • bracing for old walls – adding structure where most needed for safety and continued use,
  • new student, faculty, or staff lockers, and
  • other such items – in short,
  • all the usual maintenance things schools frequently defer because of tight annual budgets.

It’s those budgetary constraints that often have schools calling on us to address multiple maintenance issues at once. Sometimes we’ll take the opportunity to incorporate elements of 21st century design into an SRM project at little or no extra cost. For instance, if a middle school is going to remodel a library, we might recommend turning at least part of the upgraded space into a TEAL Lab. That way, the school would still have its library but gain the unlimited resources digital technology provides along with new, structured collaborative space. Many educators are open to this because they want to show that they’re progressive, they’re on top of their game, and theirs is the school where parents want their children to be. Of course, we willingly provide educators with SRM design and documentation services that preserve the traditional aspects of their schools, if that’s what they prefer. As we’ve stated elsewhere, we’re committed always to elevating our clients’ vision, not ours.

Examples of our design work for K through 12 schools may be found in our Education Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us for the SRM you need to keep your school safe and competitive, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.