Performing Arts Facility Design for Higher Education

No college or university priding itself on giving its students a liberal education would be without some kind of performing arts center. As Fort Wayne architects, we’ve designed such for local campuses as well as for campuses in other parts of the country. We’ve also worked with local, national, and international acoustics and theatrical consultants to “fine tune” these spaces.

That’s the beauty of today’s advanced performing arts centers: their auditoriums and stages can actually be “tuned” for the desired sound. We achieve this architecturally by first specifying the proper materials. Then we allow for curtains and other elements to be pulled back or configured in a way that dampens or brighten sounds by degrees to accommodate who’s performing.

Of course, sound isn’t all we must consider. Designing a new, state-of-the-art campus performing arts center also requires us to address ...

  • stage, auditorium, and access lighting,
  • the style and arrangement of auditorium seating,
  • mechanized stage technology,
  • traditional as well as digital A/V technology,
  • what kind of practice rooms, classrooms, dressing rooms, or lounges may be needed in or adjacent to the facility, depending on the type of arts programs the school offers and the scope of the project at hand,
  • the school’s vision for the continued use of the facility, and
  • what ADA-compliant features are required to ensure the accessibility and safety of all students, patrons, artists, faculty, and staff.

Examples of the performing arts centers we’ve designed for higher education may be found in our Education Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to build these and other facilities for your campus, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.