K – 12 TEAL Lab Design

Technology Enabled Active Learning Labs – TEAL Labs, for short – might be described most clearly as computerized learning centers on steroids. You can be sure they play a significant role in 21st century education design. As Fort Wayne architects who specialize in this type of design for schools nationwide, we’ve helped scores of K through 12  and college-level educators benefit from TEAL Lab installations.

The genesis of TEAL Labs can be traced back to a research partnership between Microsoft and MIT. Together, they conceived a new kind of technology-enhanced learning format that encourages student-teacher and student-student collaboration via ...

  • lectures working in conjunction with
  • media-rich computer simulations and visuals working in conjunction with
  • hands-on desktop experimentation working in conjunction with
  • interactive teacher-student personal response systems.

That’s the essence of what a TEAL Lab enables. And that’s what makes TEAL Labs so appealing to educators advancing the cause of project-based learning.

We incorporate TEAL Labs with equal agility into new, 21st century school designs and designs for the upgrade of existing traditional schools. Where TEAL Labs have proven especially beneficial is in repurposing previously underutilized spaces and breaking large schools – high schools in particular of 2,000 or more students – into smaller, more familial, more effective “learning neighborhoods.” These neighborhoods can be organized by curricula into clusters of classrooms or studios around a central “living room.” And TEAL Labs can serve as each living room’s “library.” Such an arrangement is becoming more common in today’s K through 12 schools, when educators are looking to engage each student in a more personal, life-altering way.

To learn more about TEAL Labs and how partnering with us can make them an integral part of your K through 12 school, contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne. Be sure to check out our Education Portfolio, too.