K – 12 Public School Design

When designing for public grade schools and public high schools, we’re conscientious first about meeting the legal standards for scalability – as it relates to anything from the size of the building to the size of the students. But we’re equally concerned with providing the infrastructure, both technological and architectural, to accommodate different learning modalities. That’s true whether we’re designing a 21st century learning environment or a more traditional one. We can do either, of course, depending on the needs, the desires, and the vision of our clients.

Before those considerations even come into play, though, we often have to help local public school districts – in our hometown of Fort Wayne or in other communities – obtain the necessary funding. That means helping them navigate the referendum or remonstrance process they typically deal with. Any time a public school district has to sell bonds to build a new school or do a renovation, there’s a bit of a political process involved. We’ve actually helped – not financially, but – by putting in the time and effort to provide architectural graphics and marketing materials for the purpose of raising community awareness.

Examples of our K through 12 public school design work may be found in our Education Portfolio. To learn more about partnering with us to achieve your public school goals, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.