K – 12 Private and Parochial School Design

We’re Fort Wayne architects who’ve partnered with various Kindergarten through Grade 12 private and parochial school organizations here and in other communities to create the learning environments they envision. While this is something of a niche activity, it’s not unique. Architectural design considerations for such schools are essentially the same as those for public schools. What varies is our approach.

We’re sensitive to the reality that private and parochial schools tend to differ from public schools in their objectives. All, of course, want to produce educated students. But parochial schools, for example, seek outcomes both secular and religious. Understanding the goals clearly from the start enables us to deliver architectural solutions that best help our private and parochial school clients achieve what they hope to accomplish. If they’re open to it, we may design a 21st century learning environment for them. But we’re equally happy to provide them with a traditional school design. It’s their call.

As we do with public school districts, we often help K – 12 private and parochial schools pursue the funding necessary to get their projects off the ground. Many times we’ve been brought in to provide early visioning, programming, cost estimates, and marketing materials to serve as the documentation these groups need to solicit donations and pledges. If they’ve committed to us for this up-front work, we inevitably do the project – provided the funding comes through.

To learn more about the advantages K through 12 private and parochial school educators have gained by partnering with us, explore our website. Be sure to check out our Education Portfolio, too. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne to discuss how we might serve your private or parochial school needs.