K – 12 Charter School Design

What excites us most about designing for K through 12 charter schools is that they generally exist to do one thing: break the mold. They’re constantly looking for new educational techniques and innovative curricula. And that makes them superb candidates for the 21st century education environments we specialize in designing.

Our 21st century education environments help educators connect with students – and thus help students connect with the world – through advanced technology and floorplans that facilitate more-collaborative learning. That’s right in line with charter school goals, which focus heavily on measurable results.

Even better, our 21st century designs offer charter schools a considerable degree of program flexibility. Various subjects of study can be broken into different “learning neighborhoods” arranged around a central hub. TEAL Labs and STEM and STEAM classrooms can help put specialized knowledge at the fingertips of students and teachers alike. And, for all the advanced technology employed, our 21st century designs often prove surprisingly economical over the long haul.

To learn more about our 21st century education design, explore our website and pay particular attention to our Education Portfolio. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne to discuss how partnering with us can help you put this innovative design approach to work for your K – 12 charter school.