Athletic Facility Design for Higher Education

Our long experience designing for education – public and private; K through 12 and collegiate – has seen us create more than a few school athletic facilities. At the higher education level, we’ve completed both NCAA and NAIA projects, mostly for indoor sports – especially basketball. Our clients come to us from all over, too. Being Fort Wayne architects, we’ve been privileged to design local campus athletic facilities as well as those for colleges and universities around the country.

To ensure that each athletic facility we design captures the school’s vision for it, we form a close partnership with the athletics department and other school representatives. That helps foster truly collaborative interaction right from the start – which makes it easier for us to understand and fulfill the school’s needs. First up in the process of delivering our design and documentation services is meeting with the client/partner to establish what those needs are. Typically, we’re asked to provide ...

  • training rooms, practice courts, and other such areas for fitness and instruction,
  • locker rooms, showers, and restrooms – for indoor and outdoor sports,
  • administrative offices for coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers, and
  • equipment storage relevant to the sport or sports offered.

Other considerations come into play where college spectator sports are involved,
including ...

  • how big a court, arena, or stadium is needed,
  • the number and configuration of seats,
  • how traffic is to flow throughout the facility,
  • the number, location, and type of restrooms,
  • the number, placement, and outfitting of concessions, and
  • what kind of large-format visual displays – LCD monitors and scoreboards – are required.

We also must design for ADA compliance. That means ensuring the site’s accessibility and safety for all students, patrons, athletes, coaches, faculty, and staff. Among the considerations here, to name but a few, are proper sightlines, the proper number and placement of exits, and the number and location of concessions as well as restrooms.

Examples of our design work for higher education may be found in our Education Portfolio. To learn more about how partnering with us can help you build the sports and athletic facilities you envision for your school, explore our website. Then contact Elevatus Architecture Fort Wayne.