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image of meeting room with natural sunlight
Sep 10

Working with Seasonal Changes

Elevatus Architecture's Author Photo
Elevatus Architecture

As summer begins to fade, we start to shift towards thoughts of changing leaves and cooler breezes. The arrival of fall means changes both outside and inside the office, and with simple adaptations you can increase worker productivity and morale while enjoying the season. Lighten Up The long days of…

image of a public art installation
Sep 02

Community Counts

Brett Gauger's Author Photo
Brett Gauger

What you put into your community can return to you in many ways. From making time to volunteer on a weekly basis to participating in an initiative that helps raise funds for a powerful cause. Your daily efforts in bettering the resources that surround your community can lead to a…

photo of exterior
Aug 20

Bringing a Vision to the Region: DeKalb County

Elevatus Architecture's Author Photo
Elevatus Architecture

Making a positive impact within a city will help create a stronger region. Elevatus Architecture has conducted a series of projects that have helped uplift life in DeKalb, and specifically Auburn, Indiana. This historic town holds cheerful value as the people who make it are what brings great attitude to…

person sitting in chair looking out window
Aug 14

The Value of Your Time and Energy

Noel Winters's Author Photo
Noel Winters

What is your time worth? Do you value the time you spend with friends and family or do you feel a sense of accomplishment after mowing the yard? There is a cost and a value to your time in many aspects of your life. How you prioritize your time and…

curbside pickup sign
Jul 20

Architects as Avengers

Douglas Routh's Author Photo
Douglas Routh

Post-WWII housing boom. 21st Century Learning. Haussmann’s renovation of Paris. Design evolves in cycles prompting that new ways of design be reimagined in response to social changes. In post-WWII, the desire for car-oriented suburbs spawned a demand for affordable housing. Architects responded with a change of house design to compact…

group of young people working together
Jul 17

A Holistic Approach to Engage Others

Noel Winters's Author Photo
Noel Winters

Let me just begin with saying, until you are challenged to try something new, the opportunity sometimes looks a little daunting if you have become complacent in your daily life. When approached to write a blog for our company website, I was both excited and a little nervous. I don’t…

group of people listening carefully
Jul 15

Why Listening First Matters

Cory Dietz's Author Photo
Cory Dietz

Opening doors for those who seek guidance during trying times When disagreements happen, it’s always hard to proceed with meaningful, more in-depth conversations to help understand and analyze independent thoughts. Everything we do revolves around communication and our ability to effectively share ideas, thoughts, and feelings into what we want…