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Apr 28

Garnering a Relationship Before Designing Anything

Cory Dietz's Author Photo
Cory Dietz

My team requires me to provide them with some initial information on our clients before we first put pen to paper, or these days, click the mouse. If not, then there is no primary metric for us to interpret a client’s desires, wishes, and more importantly, needs. Sometimes we get…

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Apr 23

Readers’ Picks by Elevatus Architecture

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Elevatus Architecture

Autobiography, horror, mystery, fantasy, there are just so many book genres to choose from. We’ve hand-picked a few of our favorite stories! Devil in the White City by Erik Larson Picked by Jennifer Snell, Architectural Graduate “I love this book because it combines all of my obsessions: True crime, the…

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Apr 07

Handling Negative Situations

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Brett Gauger

In the most difficult times, life is not only present to give you the energy to overcome the obstacles but also to prepare you for what’s to come. Think of your thoughts of being a catalyst. I really think at times, we get these feelings that cause us to go…

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Mar 24

Putting together your remote work environment

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Elevatus Architecture

How to set up a home work environment that limits distractions and helps focus. Separate Your Workspace Being thrusted into a work-from-home environment presents a lot of new challenges to employees, a huge one being finding a balance between work and personal life now that those lines are blurring. Without…

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Mar 19

eSports and Higher Ed

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Todd Adams

While programming the spaces which would be included in Trine University’s MTI Center, one of the spaces was to be dedicated to e-gaming.  As an architecture firm, we have to be familiar with many different types of building typologies, programmed spaces, and spatial function.  Since e-gaming was a new spatial…