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Aug 20

Bringing a Vision to the Region: DeKalb County

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Elevatus Architecture

Making a positive impact within a city will help create a stronger region. Elevatus Architecture has conducted a series of projects that have helped uplift life in DeKalb, and specifically Auburn, Indiana. This historic town holds cheerful value as the people who make it are what brings great attitude to…

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Apr 28

Garnering a Relationship Before Designing Anything

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Cory Dietz

My team requires me to provide them with some initial information on our clients before we first put pen to paper, or these days, click the mouse. If not, then there is no primary metric for us to interpret a client’s desires, wishes, and more importantly, needs. Sometimes we get…

Aug 31

Elevatus Achieves SBA Designation

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Elevatus Architecture

We’ve learned that in order to serve our clients well, we need to focus on what we do best – providing outstanding customer service by listening to the desired needs of our clients and then responding with flexible but time-tested and best practice solutions.

Sep 01

Franklin Park Pavilion

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Elevatus Architecture

Fort Wayne, Indiana – The former site of Franklin Elementary School has found new life as a wonderful park and community space for residents. As the school needed to be demolished, specific attention was focused on the existing entryways to the building, and gateways were created to the newly founded…