Fort Wayne, northeast Indiana, and the surrounding region are dotted with our architectural accomplishments. After all, Fort Wayne is our hometown and clients hereabouts have been working with our design team for decades – first as SchenkelShultz, now as Elevatus Architecture.

We’re best known for designing innovative buildings and spaces with an eye for leaving an enduring legacy. But that’s only part of what’s secured our team’s reputation here and elsewhere.

Clients seek us out as well for the partnerships we form. They know, by our reputation, that when we partner, we do so to create a win/win situation for everyone involved. Partnering, for us, means not only collaborating with the owners, stakeholders, and end-users who’ve come to us with their needs and visions but also with other service providers. Those would be the contractors, construction managers, interior designers, engineers, and architects with whom we’ve established mutually beneficial relationships over the years.

Partnering with owners ensures that we understand their vision completely and deliver a design that fulfills it.

Partnering with other service providers ensures that all the necessary expertise is assembled to bring an owner’s vision to life. We’re architects. We design. We specify. We recommend. But we don’t build. We don’t engineer. Other specialists are required for those tasks.

We have a history of putting together teams of talented, responsible, trustworthy craftspeople and artisans – and serving as the design team leader on a project. But we’re also quite comfortable serving as a consultant to other architectural and engineering firms, filling gaps in their resumé with our experience. In the latter case, we may be the project architect or we may act as a specialist hired to complete one specific task. Either way, what we bring to the table on every project is our skill in designing facilities that serve Fort Wayne or the needs of other communities that call on us in our region. Again: It’s all about partnering, about the right people doing the right thing together to achieve a worthy end.

Partnering Services

Elevatus Architecture is a full-service architectural firm. We offer our Fort Wayne, northeast Indiana, and regional clients all the traditional services – and then some:

  • Visioning – whereby we sit down with a client’s team at the very beginning of a project and work with them to determine or understand the vision for the environment we’ll design
  • Master Planning – evaluating long-term options for anything from accommodating the eventual need to expand a building’s functional components, to how an entire downtown area might grow in a logical fashion as needs arise
  • Programming – putting the math on the spreadsheet, determining the size, configuration, and location of various spaces based on current as well as future needs and resources
  • Schematic Design – sketching and delivering 3D models (3D images) of what the vision is, how the spaces work, and so on; taking the vision and the programming and tying them to a spatial definition
  • Design Development – fine-tuning the schematic drawings, meeting with the client on a regular basis to discuss updates, address questions, and alleviate concerns
  • Construction Documents – the final documents, including detailed construction-ready drawings, product specifications, and project manuals, that we prepare for bidding, negotiations, and construction contract administration
  • Bidding – taking the documents “out on the street” for contractor bids and question answering (We’re comfortable working with both single-bid and multi-bid packages and can accommodate any bidding process preferred.)
  • Negotiations – talking with pre-certified, pre-selected contractors and sub-contractors to arrive at a fair market value for the scope of work they must do – per the construction documents – to complete a project
  • Construction Contract Administration – whereby we observe and advise during the construction process, assuring the client that their project is being built to the required building codes as well as the construction documents
  • Modeling – providing the client with anything from design sketches to computerized 3D Building Information Models (BIMs) that allow us to take the client on “fly-throughs” of their spaces before they’re completed
  • Rendering – using the modeling to create advertising and promotional illustrations that show off how a building is to look in its natural setting once it’s completed
  • 11-Month Walkthrough – a commitment to every client whereby we walk with them through their building 11 months after they’ve moved in to validate its construction, see how everything’s working, and remind the client of warranties in effect for various products and construction elements


We strive to be as innovative in our approach to partnering as we are in our design work. That manifests itself especially in these four areas:

Doing Business with Us. We’re flexible. For starters, we know how to work with any delivery method, be it design-bid-build, design-build, or design with CM. We can be your “one-stop-shop” team leader, too, taking charge of a team we've specifically assembled for your project. Or we can serve strictly as a consultant. In every case, regardless, you get the benefit of our design expertise.

Cost-Saving Strategies. With us, it’s never about cutting corners, it’s always about giving you the best value, the greatest efficiency, and the most cost-effective solution. That means, on every project, we look not only for first-cost savings but also for long-term lifecycle savings. Yes, we design to accommodate any economic plan. But we’re legacy minded. We design buildings to endure. So we keep an eye on your ROI. We also watch out for contractors’ needs. Our goal, of course, is to be the best, which can preclude our being the cheapest. But we do understand how keeping A&E fees competitive can help contractors win design-build work.

Time-Saving Strategies. We’re more than familiar with “fast-track” projects, having worked with many contractors and clients over the years to meet demanding schedules. Thus, we know a lot of ways to cut time out of a project, at different steps, without compromising quality.

Security. We’re skilled in designing multiple levels of security into any building or space. Of course, what those levels might be depends on the type of facility we’re designing and what our clients deem necessary. It could be a matter simply of providing adequate sightlines for proper space monitoring. Or it could be that clients want their building to conform to strict federal government Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) standards. Whatever's needed, we have the knowledge and experience to design for it.

To learn more about the advantages of partnering with us on your next project, contact Elevatus Architecture. We’re Fort Wayne architects deeply committed to our hometown, our fellow northeast Indiana communities, and our region.