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We Put People First

We make sure our designs, however unique and innovative, always reflect our clients’ vision. What’s more, we see that every architectural solution we provide takes into account the impact of initial building costs as well as lifecycle and operating costs, thus sparing our clients any unwanted surprises.

Indiana Tech Abbot Exterior


We create learning spaces that are flexible enough to embrace all styles of learning for students in pre-K through college.

Central Prison Exterior


We create secure environments that promote well-being and stand the test of time.

Public Safety Academy


We create architecture that empowers not only those who serve in government, but also those served by it: the people.

Fox On Main Exterior


We provide architectural solutions that reflect the community’s character and satisfies local needs.


At Elevatus, we love to exceed expectations. Not only do we have the tried-and-true leadership that comes from 60+ years of architectural excellence, but also pride ourselves on being good listeners, loyal partners, savvy problem solvers, and even full-blown project developers if that is what you need. From schools to federal prisons, courthouses to coffee shops, Elevatus has the analysis planning and design-build that you expect from an experienced architectural firm.

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Jan 11

Q&A With Newly Registered Architects

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Elevatus Architecture

Becoming a Licensed Architect requires serious dedication and commitment. Architects Josh Kasper, AIA, Jen Snell, AIA, and Sam Schaust, AIA answer a few questions following obtaining their new credentials. What steps did you take throughout your testing process? JK: I had to make studying a priority and as a result...

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Dec 29

Life is What You Make of It. Here we come, 2022.

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Elevatus Architecture

As we look to conclude this calendar year, our hearts cannot be more grateful for the moments we’ve spent together as a company. We create a positive culture that fosters growth by taking time to give back, putting forth boundless energy in our pursuits, and serving our clients well. A...

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Our People Create Our Foundation

Elevatus employees pride themselves on being skilled architects that listen and assist you in making your visions come to life. We are honest and give you honest information. We adjust to your budget and make sure to build all of our buildings with the future in mind.

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